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Respond by adding additional modifications or accommodations that could be beneficial to this student, or discuss some further thoughts on how your peer can prepare for this meeting.

5 sentences or more.

Before the meeting I would remind myself to look at what they have and get to know the child for whom they are. The things the child may need would be modification, assistance, or supplies to achieve their best educational results. The information important to know about mild hearing disability is how mild the hearing of the child actually is. By knowing how mild the hearing is I could determine when the child is actually able to hear me or unintentionally ignoring the instructions presented. Two accomodations that could be beneficial are maybe a self-contained classroom and modifying the placement in the classroom for the best results. The other modification that could be decided on by the team, would be having a co teaching or special education teacher present to help as needed. Accomodations affect how the student accesses material so they can participate with students in the same manner. Modifications involves changing the content completely for the student with disability.