abortion, psychology assignment help

Literature Search – The literature research I need is on ABORTION. I had a great interest on the subject because of its psychological implications. In my research I wanted to use various subjects and sample population to describe behavior. This was to help me understand why abortion occurs, when it occurs and to apply my knowledge in psychological counseling.

Please follow the instructions below:

Research Component

Research will include learning to critique articles. Once you have learned to identify sound research and critique others research, students will pick articles for review. At least 3 articles will be reviewed to write an APA format research paper. AN EXAMPLE PAPER is PROVIDED IN YOUR TEXTBOOK Page 433. YOUR PAPER WILL BE WRTTEN AS A REVIEW OF LITERATURE, THOUGH, NOT AS ACTUAL RESEARCH CONDUCTED. The paper will include title page, abstract, content, and references. The paper content will be at least 4-6 pages, not including title, abstract, and references. When it comes to the participants section, etc, add the participants studied in the articles you reviewed. You may organize according to each study or summarize. You may leave out the “materials” section, but do pay attention to methods and materials used in each article you review. Students may pick their own subjects to review. The paper will be graded on APA format, quality of content – which includes how well you critique the articles reviewed, grammar, and organization of information.