A low birthrate and aging problem in Japan, sociology homework help

Give me 10 pages of a research project paper, which should be related to an issue below:

A low birthrate and aging problem in Japan.


Introduce the topic you propose to study. Give a brief description of the social issue, phenomenon, or problem that you intend to investigate. What are the questions that frame your investigation? Why is the topic worthy of sociological inquiry? What motivated you to propose to study this topic in particular? Be specific. Narrow down the scope of your topic as much as possible. Your introduction should be about 1 page.

Literature Review:

Give an overview of scholarship on your topic. You must use a minimum of 5 academic sources. Read these books, chapters, or articles, and discuss the scholars’ arguments and findings. These sources must be relevant to your topic. A literature review provides a framework of existing research on a topic. Your literature review should be 3-4 pages.

Data and Methods:

Describe your research design. How do you intend to study your topic and find answers to your research questions? What is your research method, and what kinds of data will you be gathering or using? If you plan to conduct a survey, describe your sample, and include your survey questions, and method of analysis. If you plan to use existing survey data such as the General Social Survey, discuss which questions you will use, and what your independent and dependent variables will be. If you plan to do field research, describe the population, group, or setting in which you will conduct participant observation and what your role and activities will consist of. If you plan to do an interview-based project, describe your sample of interviewees, selection process, and key questions.

Your data and methods section should explain why the research design you propose is well-suited to studying your topic. This section should be about 2-3 pages

Hypotheses or Preliminary Findings AND Discussion:

What relationships do you expect between your key variables of interest and why? If you actually performed empirical analysis (not required), what are your preliminary findings? This section should be 1 page or less.


You must include a list of your references in ASA/APA or MLA format. Remember that in-text citation is also required. This means that throughout your paper, you must cite any sources you reference. Consult style guides online or through the library website if you have questions about bibliographic formatting.

*Your paper should be 8-10 pages, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font. A title page is not necessary and does not count towards your paper length. Your bibliography can count for 1 page.